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× Hello, folks! Our website is up again! Also the February/March 2016 papers for Cambridge International A & AS Level and Cambridge IGCSE have been uploaded. If past papers for any subject are missing, please inform us by posting a comment at Past Papers Section.
0478_2210_Computer_Science_Teacher_Guide_2014.pdfPDF Document263.96 KB
0478_s15_er.pdfPDF Document839.45 KB
0478_s15_gt.pdfPDF Document27.53 KB
0478_s15_ms_11.pdfPDF Document177.58 KB
0478_s15_ms_12.pdfPDF Document140.11 KB
0478_s15_ms_13.pdfPDF Document177.94 KB
0478_s15_ms_21.pdfPDF Document141.64 KB
0478_s15_ms_22.pdfPDF Document117.67 KB
0478_s15_ms_23.pdfPDF Document141.97 KB
0478_s15_pre_21.pdfPDF Document439.51 KB
0478_s15_pre_22.pdfPDF Document540.58 KB
0478_s15_pre_23.pdfPDF Document440.22 KB
0478_s15_qp_11.pdfPDF Document474.66 KB
0478_s15_qp_12.pdfPDF Document499.43 KB
0478_s15_qp_13.pdfPDF Document474.16 KB
0478_s15_qp_21.pdfPDF Document510.83 KB
0478_s15_qp_22.pdfPDF Document492.40 KB
0478_s15_qp_23.pdfPDF Document511.75 KB
0478_s16_gt.pdfPDF Document27.54 KB
0478_s16_ms_11.pdfPDF Document156.77 KB
0478_s16_ms_12.pdfPDF Document163.20 KB
0478_s16_ms_13.pdfPDF Document156.96 KB
0478_s16_ms_21.pdfPDF Document124.53 KB
0478_s16_ms_22.pdfPDF Document134.05 KB
0478_s16_ms_23.pdfPDF Document124.72 KB
0478_s16_pm_21.pdfPDF Document438.61 KB
0478_s16_pm_22.pdfPDF Document447.45 KB
0478_s16_pm_23.pdfPDF Document438.19 KB
0478_s16_qp_11.pdfPDF Document487.88 KB
0478_s16_qp_12.pdfPDF Document502.22 KB
0478_s16_qp_13.pdfPDF Document487.37 KB
0478_s16_qp_21.pdfPDF Document486.58 KB
0478_s16_qp_22.pdfPDF Document511.65 KB
0478_s16_qp_23.pdfPDF Document485.90 KB
0478_w15_er.pdfPDF Document763.86 KB
0478_w15_gt.pdfPDF Document27.43 KB
0478_w15_ms_11.pdfPDF Document167.28 KB
0478_w15_ms_12.pdfPDF Document177.18 KB
0478_w15_ms_13.pdfPDF Document144.09 KB
0478_w15_ms_21.pdfPDF Document110.47 KB
0478_w15_ms_22.pdfPDF Document110.44 KB
0478_w15_ms_23.pdfPDF Document107.60 KB
0478_w15_pre_21.pdfPDF Document440.75 KB
0478_w15_pre_22.pdfPDF Document441.24 KB
0478_w15_pre_23.pdfPDF Document439.71 KB
0478_w15_qp_11.pdfPDF Document178.18 KB
0478_w15_qp_12.pdfPDF Document101.04 KB
0478_w15_qp_13.pdfPDF Document279.32 KB
0478_w15_qp_21.pdfPDF Document509.62 KB
0478_w15_qp_22.pdfPDF Document508.87 KB
0478_w15_qp_23.pdfPDF Document476.59 KB
0478_y15_sm_1.pdfPDF Document148.65 KB
0478_y15_sm_2.pdfPDF Document120.04 KB
0478_y15_sp_1.pdfPDF Document378.27 KB
0478_y15_sp_2.pdfPDF Document306.68 KB
0478_y15_spm_2.pdfPDF Document119.91 KB
0478_y16_sm_1.pdfPDF Document162.77 KB
0478_y16_sm_2.pdfPDF Document133.61 KB
0478_y16_sp_1.pdfPDF Document389.96 KB
0478_y16_sp_2.pdfPDF Document331.21 KB
0478_y16_spm_2.pdfPDF Document127.59 KB

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