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× Hello, folks! The June 2018 papers for most of Cambridge Intl AS/A Level, Cambridge O Level, and Cambridge IGCSE Subjects have been added. If past papers for any subject are missing, please inform us by posting a comment at
0447_Research_questions_for_2016.pdfPDF Document26.14 KB
0447_s11_er.pdfPDF Document918.69 KB
0447_s11_gt.pdfPDF Document26.48 KB
0447_s11_ir_2.pdfPDF Document108.63 KB
0447_s11_ms_1.pdfPDF Document123.01 KB
0447_s11_ms_2.pdfPDF Document110.20 KB
0447_s11_ms_3.pdfPDF Document99.47 KB
0447_s11_qp_1.pdfPDF Document131.87 KB
0447_s11_qp_2.pdfPDF Document559.00 KB
0447_s12_gt.pdfPDF Document26.45 KB
0447_s12_ms_1.pdfPDF Document127.67 KB
0447_s12_ms_2.pdfPDF Document113.08 KB
0447_s12_ms_3.pdfPDF Document99.47 KB
0447_s13_er.pdfPDF Document639.57 KB
0447_s13_gt.pdfPDF Document26.37 KB
0447_s13_in_2.pdfPDF Document60.71 KB
0447_s13_ms_1.pdfPDF Document121.29 KB
0447_s13_ms_2.pdfPDF Document105.59 KB
0447_s13_qp_1.pdfPDF Document132.64 KB
0447_s13_qp_2.pdfPDF Document122.16 KB
0447_s14_02_in.pdfPDF Document124.91 KB
0447_s14_er.pdfPDF Document663.80 KB
0447_s14_gt.pdfPDF Document26.07 KB
0447_s14_ms_1.pdfPDF Document122.37 KB
0447_s14_ms_2.pdfPDF Document100.06 KB
0447_s14_qp_01..pdfPDF Document82.62 KB
0447_s14_qp_02.pdfPDF Document76.03 KB
0447_s15_er.pdfPDF Document301.74 KB
0447_s15_gt.pdfPDF Document26.93 KB
0447_s15_in_2.pdfPDF Document443.97 KB
0447_s15_ms_1.pdfPDF Document117.18 KB
0447_s15_ms_2.pdfPDF Document103.70 KB
0447_s15_qp_1.pdfPDF Document456.43 KB
0447_s15_qp_2.pdfPDF Document446.35 KB
0447_s16_er.pdfPDF Document347.15 KB
0447_s16_in_02.pdfPDF Document444.53 KB
0447_s16_ms_1.pdfPDF Document137.68 KB
0447_s16_ms_2.pdfPDF Document122.79 KB
0447_s16_qp_01.pdfPDF Document456.14 KB
0447_s16_qp_02.pdfPDF Document446.66 KB
0447_s17_gt.pdfPDF Document86.93 KB
0447_s17_ms_1.pdfPDF Document210.90 KB
0447_s17_ms_2.pdfPDF Document162.86 KB
0447_s17_qp_1.pdfPDF Document146.25 KB
0447_s17_qp_2.pdfPDF Document150.35 KB
0447_s18_gt.pdfPDF Document107.99 KB
0447_s18_ms_1.pdfPDF Document171.62 KB
0447_s18_ms_2.pdfPDF Document109.30 KB
0447_s18_ms_3.pdfPDF Document88.09 KB
0447_s18_pm_03.pdfPDF Document7.88 KB
0447_s18_qp_01.pdfPDF Document143.53 KB
0447_s18_qp_02.pdfPDF Document677.21 KB
0447_y12_si_2.pdfPDF Document121.33 KB
0447_y12_sm_1.pdfPDF Document117.76 KB
0447_y12_sm_2.pdfPDF Document115.16 KB
0447_y12_sm_3.pdfPDF Document96.90 KB
0447_y12_sp_1.pdfPDF Document261.32 KB
0447_y12_sp_2.pdfPDF Document163.97 KB
0447_y15_et.pdfPDF Document23.39 KB
0447_y15_sy.pdfPDF Document170.52 KB
0447_y16_sy.pdfPDF Document170.94 KB
0447_y17-19_sy.pdfPDF Document251.05 KB
06_0447_01_4RP_AFP.pdfPDF Document132.87 KB
06_0447_02_2RP_AFP.pdfPDF Document2.02 MB
06_0447_02_INSTRUCTIONS_2RP_AFP.pdfPDF Document109.01 KB

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