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× Hello, folks! The June 2018 papers for most of Cambridge Intl AS/A Level, Cambridge O Level, and Cambridge IGCSE Subjects have been added. If past papers for any subject are missing, please inform us by posting a comment at
8058_Example_Candidate_Responses.pdfPDF Document457.44 KB
8058_w13_er.pdfPDF Document503.68 KB
8058_w13_gt.pdfPDF Document71.82 KB
8058_w13_ms_1.pdfPDF Document107.06 KB
8058_w13_qp_1.pdfPDF Document110.68 KB
8058_w14_er.pdfPDF Document412.06 KB
8058_w14_gt.pdfPDF Document23.97 KB
8058_w14_ms_1.pdfPDF Document108.80 KB
8058_w14_qp_1.pdfPDF Document442.86 KB
8058_w15_er.pdfPDF Document231.70 KB
8058_w15_gt.pdfPDF Document24.36 KB
8058_w15_ms_1.pdfPDF Document107.58 KB
8058_w15_qp_1.pdfPDF Document442.96 KB
8058_w16_gt.pdfPDF Document76.38 KB
8058_w16_ms_1.pdfPDF Document175.23 KB
8058_w16_qp_1.pdfPDF Document1.05 MB
8058_w17_er.pdfPDF Document242.04 KB
8058_w17_gt.pdfPDF Document107.50 KB
8058_w17_ms_1.pdfPDF Document117.75 KB
8058_w17_qp_1.pdfPDF Document991.46 KB
8058_w18_gt.pdfPDF Document106.79 KB
8058_w18_ms_1.pdfPDF Document145.88 KB
8058_w18_qp_01.pdfPDF Document981.11 KB
8058_y17-18_sy.pdfPDF Document232.41 KB
8058_y19_sy.pdfPDF Document178.42 KB

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